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Altervista With Google Adsense Earning Method

Friend, today I'm going to share with you the very best money making program altervista with Google Adsense Earning Method. It is a truly unique and useful guide for you. Please read the whole Guide carefully the content of this article. Are you internet newbie? How much money had you ever lost on any scam sites? Are you still looking authentic money making METHOD or program? How many methods have you participated and obtain nothing? do you want to know that you can make good money through this Altervista with Google Adsense Earning Method? Now let me come to the main point of this Altervista with GOOGLE ADSENSE guide. Have you heard about altervista with Google AdSense earning method? I think here most peoples will say no, but if I ask you here, do you know about Google AdSense? I think most internet users known very well about the Google AdSense advertising program. These days it’s not easy to get approval from Google AdSense both hosted and non-hosted.

make money altervista with adsense

Google AdSense is a great program and helps your site to bring in additional income. Some people are making a very lucrative income from AdSense. AdSense is not as easy as it sounds and it is not the simple case of just joining and earning your millions. You have to create good quality content that people will want to read and among many other things.

Google's AdSense program is a highly trusted opinion for a living. I think so, this piece of information you will not find it anywhere. Thanks to an agreement with Google now have the option to place on your web space Google AdSense banners and leverage them to a pay-per-click to maximize profit! You can integrate the classic banner AlterVista with those Google AdSense greatly increasing the gain.

In order to use AdSense on Altervista, you need to associate your AdSense account to AlterVista and use the codes provided by AlterVista .

A unique approach, Google ADSENSE account approved

Basic requirements:

Active GMAIL accounts with valid information

ALTERVISTA Blogger blogs information

ALTERVISTA AdSense approval methods

AdSense earning tips

Active GMAIL accounts with valid information

IF you have a Gmail account, but you have already used for blogger blog AdSense approval and your AdSense account got banned then makes another fresh GMAIL ID WITH valid information.

Blog blog information

If you have a blog, you want to make money with AdSense and then read this guide will certainly help you. If you're a PERSON, you don't know anything about the blogger blog then read this guide. 
After reading two articles now learning very unique and innovative ways to change Vista and Google AdSense approval Guide.

Altervista AdSense approval methods

Altervista is hundred percent free website and web blog hosting support Service Company. The very good advantage of Altervista is? It’s totally free able to join for all over the globe and has given option AdSense participate program too. AlterVista is the largest Italian 100 % free web page hosting support platform and in terms of traffic, one of the biggest worldwide. The support has become international: Altervista offers 100 % free websites with a revenue possibility all over the globe. It’s very simple to use altervista but there is some limitation what you will understand here. First, you will have to make a website yeah web blog. It’s very simple to make weblog on altervista. Now follow this instruction guide detailed. 

Altervista org Web site open for the first time, so here you will find create a blog or website option you have will have to select for the first time the blog options, open it, and fill in all data accurately does not use any false information, or not any instructions for this guide you. Then fill out the registration form and wait for the authentication email. When you receive your authentication email from altervista Admin Panel, then you will be able to use your ALTERVISTA blog admin panel. Altervista now if you have received your e-mail message and then go to Google, altervista Web site open again now you can see the control panel option on your right sidebar options. Open it, and then put your username and password, and then opens it. Open altervista blog admin panel and then after the first time you will select description, and Meta tags related to the keywords for your blog. After the search, in your Word Press Admin Panel tab option to turn it on and then find the General tab option to turn it on again, here you will now put your blog title, blog META Description label. 

Now the main work has been carried out. Now you will add some important plugins for the Yoast plug-in SEO SEO optimization, broken link checker tool, WordPress see the image, Google analytics tool and Internet link building a plugin, then you will have to manually set all plugins based on your blog needs. 

Now you will publish your first post as same as you posted on a blogger blog. For internet newbie’s learn here how to publish the first altervista blog post. FIND POST TAB option on your altervista WordPress admin panel open it, then put your article title in the title box and put your article content in the content box, then scroll down your mouse below and add another proper SEO setting according to your article. Your article full title text will put on Yoast SEO title box and your Article description first 130 characters lines copy will put on Yoast SEO description box after that put relevant Meta keywords on Yoast Meta keyword box as you can see on this screenshot now again scroll your mouse above and find CATEGORY AND META TAGS option on your right-hand sidebar select your category and meta tags according to your article then published your article. 

Now published the first article on altervista blog you will need to add on some of the important pages of your altervista altervista pages of the blog here to learn how to publish. Find the tab of the page options to open it, and then put your page title in the title box, paste the contents of your page in the content box. Now before you published your page, add YOAST SEO settings according to your page meta description you will keep in mind with 1140 characters wear Yoast SEO Meta Description box, edit the category and Meta volumes according to your page title to do it. 

Now set your articles published daily. Try every 400 to 500 words a day on your website are a maximum of 2 articles posted on the blog. How to write SEO optimized articles to find out more here. Now you will focus on the control of Web visitors. Here to learn how to bring more Web traffic around the world. When you receive a daily 400 to 500 visitors to your blog, then this is the right time to approval from Google AdSense. 

Enable Google AdSense altervista

ALTERVISTA and Google AdSense revenue

Now open your own alterVista blog account and find the EARN tab, choose your right sidebar area to open it and then you'll find "Google AdSense authority" OPTION. When you just click on it "add blog" key in this factor, Adsense can directly land on the registration page. As you can see in the screenshot below. Note If you already have a Google AdSense Google AdSense account then follow the existing tab or select register a new Google account

First, select the language your Web site and it's associated with ALTERVISTA

Now here you will have to fill in all the form, correctly fills the area that you want to be approved and published it. Long live! You have completed. Google will receive within 1-3 days from you AdSense authorized altervista. You don't have to worry about being rejected by your program, such as blog altervista is an opportunity for their services. Once you get your validation email (Gmail with your authorization) for approval, and now you are free to put your first AdSense code on any Web page of your site you like. Google AdSense banner will not display correctly until approved. It may take some time, even for a few days. Google will notify you via email.

Insert a banner on the page is easy: you can start them from earning on your Word Press dashboard page.


Why does Google disable accounts?
Since the only way to properly know why your account is blocked, is for you worked for Google. But here are some reasons why your account is disabled. These are just possible reasons and not actual reasons. Some people get bots/automated clicks or fraudulent clicks. Google doesn't like this. Remember Google is running a business. So if they detect that you are trying to scam them in any way or form they will close you down without telling you. Once you are disabled if you have any money remaining in your account, Google will refund it back to the advertisers.

As long as your account is created and approved, you can then log in to your AdSense account. In the AdSense Setup tab, you can also get your AdSense rules. Just paste the ADSENSE code to your blog. Advertising space--you need to be in the right place to place your AdSense ads and attract more people to click on ads.


Start a blog on Altervista gives you the ability to use one of the best blogging software available: WordPress.

Manage a blog on Altervista also gives you the chance to win money if you decide to display ads on your pages, and if you do, you can use the most popular ad network available to monetize your content: Google AdSense.

Altervista and Google AdSense are now linked in a partnership that has generated the Altervista with Google AdSense ad network.

This is a special announcement system that pays you for impressions and ad clicks.

Here's how it works.


Log in to the control panel Altervista or click on Earn on WordPress dashboard and select enable Google AdSense.



Press Start to create a Google AdSense fresh account.


If you already have a Google AdSense account link to Altervista.



Enter your personal information to complete your registration.

Wait for the GOOGLE ADSENSE approval account for the requested

Google AdSense will send you an email about the requested account. It may take a few hours.


Banners are not displayed correctly until the approval of Google AdSense. It may take some time, even a few days. Google will notify you by mail.

Insert banners on your pages are very easy: you can enable them in the page win on your WordPress dashboard.

Confirm the payment data: when the account is approved, the Google AdSense login Panel and confirm the payment data in order to receive your payments.

You require a location to your blog site, AdSense ads at the top so that your website visitors can see through, this time, they check out your blog site without scrolling down. Which will improve your CTR click-through rate means you can from AdSense to earn good money. After that, whenever the visitor will click on ADSENSE ads through your blog, then you will be paid. You get paid is a number of money advertisers money Google paid click percentage. Remember one thing, do not click on your own ads, don't ask anyone to click on your ads. Otherwise, the AdSense team will be sent to you as a voice operator message do not click your own ads, either your AdSense account will be banned. If your visitors feel that they are interested in any ads, they will click on the ads themselves. Read the whole Google AdSense TOS and program policies. Follow these terms carefully and you may be banned, then all your money will be lost. $ 100 is required before processing your payment. Prior to that, you will not receive any payment.

AdSense earning tips

Keep the focus on your article writing don’t write useless information articles

Don’t try to copy another website yeah blog article.

After the post, any article on your blog then does regularly one time Google pings your blog.

Do social bookmarking

Do article directory submission

Published all your important articles on social network sites.

Use Facebook, Twitter, and stumble upon, linden for your blog promotion

Make Google blogger blog and place your important page web links.

Use do follow the blog for blog commenting

Use do follow forum sites for backlink purpose.

Uses Yahoo group for backlink purpose


AdSense is the most genuine way for additional income; these are the basics steps that you should adhere to earn cash with AdSense. To be able to earn cash with AdSense, you need to put a lot of initiatives and you’re needed to know a few SEO methods too. We hope this article helps you. If you have any troubles with AdSense or need help with any aspect, please leave a comment below. If you found this article helpful then please share with everyone you know!

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